Monday, June 15, 2009

Saw this at Gammage! Had to steal a pic from the web
because I'm not sure where my playbill is right at this moment.

Kacie and her friends at their regional track meet. I think Kacie
ended up placing about 12th for her entire region. Not bad for a Freshman!

Dan left his rhino at Grandma's house one day. So she took him to
work with her next day. Here he is surfin' the web for his family.

Run Sam, run!

Never again! Dan likes this cool blue pre-brushing mouth rinse.
Unfortunately he began "playing" with the stuff. I found it filling
the soap dispenser, all over my bathroom floor, and finally he used
every last dixie cup and all that was left in the bottle.
Nope! Not going to buy this stuff ever again!

Where's the kitty?

My May desktop. It's my anniversary month so I used pics of Jim and I.

Dinner at Red Robin, celebrating Sam's 18th birthday.

I made a wrist corsage and boutonniere for Sam's school Prom.

"Preacher's Quorum" camp out. That's what our guys call the combined
Priest and Teachers Quorum

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Crissie said...

Preacher's Quorum! Muahahaha!