Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another week

Fresh color!

26/365Working on Kacie's quilt


Blue skys and clouds!

Sam goes to SMHS's Winter Formal

23/365Going to preschool

Part 2 22/365This is why! Waiting for breakfast.

Part 1 22/365
Every morning I wake up to this! Indy will be sitting on the nightstand, dresser, or back of the chair staring at me; waiting for me to wake up!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Gonna be like Crissie

I've decided I need to start numbering my pics the way Crissie does so I will know what number I'm on next month. This month is easy because each day, picture coincides with the actual date. But next month?
I will need a lot of help!
So from her on out these are going to post in my blog like Crissie's.
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Wed, Jan 21. Dan goes to urgent care. He has a double ear infection!

My nail table, or where I work

19/365Can you believe it's January and the weather is so beautiful? 72*


Getting ready for bed. Dan always brushes his teeth in my bathroom and uses my toothpaste. Which I hate because he squeezes the tube where ever and gets it all gunked up around the lid. This is the reason why I buy Jim and I each our own! I couldn't stand his misuse of the tube!But on Sunday night he went in and brushed his teeth in the kids bathroom because they had a new kind of toothpaste and he just had to try it out!


Sat Jim and I made our bi-monthly (or so) trip to Costco. These are the trips we make to add to our food storage and to kick in a little boost on my grocery budget. I thought it was appropriate to document my pantry and add it to my project 365!


Friday night Kylee came over. No movie to watch, (cuz no one would go to blockbuster) so the girls ended up on the computer. Oh, and yes, Kylee posed to show off her tresses!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

More or pics 13-15/365

Finishing Sarah's quilt. Jan 13

Lounging around. Jan 14

A freshly scrubbed (with 'Barkeepers') sink. Jan 15

Monday, January 12, 2009

Week 2, or where I left off

Tuesday Jan 6 What the kids really do!

Wednesday Jan 7. Our life on our fridge.

Thursday Jan 8. Kacie's new, and homely kitty, Spookers.

Friday Jan 9 Sam and his I-Pod.

Saturday Jan 10 We diet tomorrow! Chipotle tonight!

Sunday Jan 11. Nap time!

Monday, Jan 12 The messy truth.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh goody! I'm going to try and mange two blogs now!

This one is strictly a place to put my pictures and comments for my Project 365.
This way I can have a record of what or why I chose that particular picture for the day. Then I won't forget what was what when I finally put together the actual album.
Huh? An actual method to my insanity? Shocking!

Jan 1 Thursday
The day I pack up Christmas

Jan 2 Friday
Dan rockin' out. He got the shirt and guitar for Christmas
Jan 3 Saturday
Poor little Indy not feeling well, he went to the vet yesterday and got an antibiotics.
He is actually sleeping on Kacie's lap and using the computer table as a pillow.
Jan 4 Sunday
Feeling better and discovered there is a fish in the house!
Jan 5 MondayThe kids went back to school today.
Goodbye winter break :~(
Hello drama from Kacie regarding homework.