Thursday, January 8, 2009

Oh goody! I'm going to try and mange two blogs now!

This one is strictly a place to put my pictures and comments for my Project 365.
This way I can have a record of what or why I chose that particular picture for the day. Then I won't forget what was what when I finally put together the actual album.
Huh? An actual method to my insanity? Shocking!

Jan 1 Thursday
The day I pack up Christmas

Jan 2 Friday
Dan rockin' out. He got the shirt and guitar for Christmas
Jan 3 Saturday
Poor little Indy not feeling well, he went to the vet yesterday and got an antibiotics.
He is actually sleeping on Kacie's lap and using the computer table as a pillow.
Jan 4 Sunday
Feeling better and discovered there is a fish in the house!
Jan 5 MondayThe kids went back to school today.
Goodbye winter break :~(
Hello drama from Kacie regarding homework.


Crissie said...

Woohoo! I must say that my 365 blog is much easier. I don't have to wait until something "fun or exciting" happens. Just documenting your photo of the day. Good luck. Let us know if you are going to put them into layouts (like CK or digi).

Anonymous said...

Wow. My sisters know how to stay busy. But at least I get to enjoy a glimpse into your lives this way.