Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Another week

Fresh color!

26/365Working on Kacie's quilt


Blue skys and clouds!

Sam goes to SMHS's Winter Formal

23/365Going to preschool

Part 2 22/365This is why! Waiting for breakfast.

Part 1 22/365
Every morning I wake up to this! Indy will be sitting on the nightstand, dresser, or back of the chair staring at me; waiting for me to wake up!


Crissie said...

That Indy is too cute! Also, LOVE the hair!

Anonymous said...

I love Indy. I love seeing how tall Sam is and how cute our little Dan lloks. By the way, since Kacie mightquestion you, where are the pictures of your beautiful daughters? See Kacie, I miss you.