Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally! Or pictures 42-28!

Oh my! Where has the time gone? Better late than not at all, right! So here we go, I'll update you on my life so far.

No, I did not take a picture of my chest, like Jim thought when he saw this. I was taking a picture of the necklace Dan made for me out of "Pop Beads".

Tues Feb 10. Sam had a Senior Scholars Dinner at ASU. Jim and I drove him all the way out to the Polytechnic campus for the event! It was definately worth the drive. I am so excited for the opportunities all Sam's hard work is bringing about!

Hot Wheels parking lot

39/365Sam is making cookies for Sunday night dessert. Dan is cracking the eggs by hitting them with a butter knife.


Sat Feb 7. Dan's 5th Birthday Party!


I sewed some panels to be used at the reception. Indy thought the all that white lace was the perfect arrangement to show off his lovely coat!

Thurs Feb 5. I helped hang light in the trees in the courtyard at Cibola Vista. Why? This is Michelle Hill, in the tree. Her daughter in getting married on Saturday, and the reception is going to be here!

35/365Leaving for Preschool with his birthday cupcakes. we see the great things Sarah taught him about having your picture taken?

Tues Feb 3. I, with some help from Dan, made cupcakes with sprinkles so Dan could take them to Preschool for his birthday.

Kacie sleeping with her ugly kitty.

The Hometeachers came today. Garrin and his son Jacoby. Plus one nosy cat.

Indy loves the chair we put in Kacie's room. He thinks we brought in just for him!

I drove out to Crissie's today and helped her move. Decided the kitchen was the priority, and since she was in agony from her back, I packed, loaded, unloaded, and unpacked almost the entire kitchen.

29/365I went out with friends tonight. When I got home I found everyone in bed asleep, and also this mess on the floor in my shop.

Today I moved Sarah's bed, dresser, and the last of her things in to her apartment!


Margaret said...

I was wondering where you went. I guess I was missing you. (Love the pictures!)

Crissie said...

Day 42: What a lovely bosom you have. Oh, sorry...beads.

Day 33: Kacie's kitty really is ugly.

Day 30: Suzee is the bomb! Without her I wouldn't have my stuff in that kitchen :)