Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My fuzzy socks! Already recorded about on my other blog!
This is Dan's favorite show on Noggin! It's called The Upside Down Show. It's actually very funny, lots of physical humor. He can't go to bed without watching an episode. It has become part of his bedtime routine.

I teach primary on Sundays. Valiant 9. This years course of study is Doctrine in Covenants/church history. I love it!
Feb 14 Valentines Day! A couple of cute girls that are friends of Sam's came over and decorated his truck. Unfortunately Sam caught them doing it, so it wasn't the surprise they intended.

Fri Feb 13, Jim and celebrated Valentines a day early to avoid the crowd. Kacie had to put Dan to bed since we were not home. This means laying down with him. Poor girl fell asleep.

This is where I like to spend time when I'm on the internet. My favorite play place, Pogo. That's my super cute mini on the right of the screen.

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