Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wow! Finally!

It's about time! Since it's been so long be prepared. This is a long post. Also, it's a good thing there are no project 365 police, because many of these pictures didn't actually happen on the day I placed them in. I fell behind and so needed to add some in to make up the days I missed. I promise the only people who will know are those living in my house!
Kacie's newest new kitty. This is Rosy. We are doing a very slow introduction to The Bad Cat. So far so good.

My primary class! I teach the CTR 9 class. I love this group of wild children.

Saturday night was Mormon Prom. Yes we have Mormon prom as well as a school prom. Different Stakes take turns hosting. It's a way to insure that our youth can go to prom and actually have a nice time. Not leave early because of lude dancing and trashy prom attire. This is Sam and his date Brandi.

This is an example of my bad mommy skills. Dan was WAY behind on his immunizations. I took him in to get caught up so we can register him for kindergarten. The poor baby got 5 shots! 3 in the left arm and 2 in the right. He's looking sad and Kacie is photo bombing!

Nothing to say about this! Cutest kid in the world speaks for itself don't ya think!

Ohh, it's a sad, fat dog who lives in our yard!

Kacie plays while Dan plays in the background! I think she was avoiding doing her homework
for awhile!

No, this is not a mistake. Depression is a nasty thing. Today was one of those days.
This picture represents the black hole (or maybe it was an abyss) that I felt as if I was in today.

Sarah must come home in order to play the piano now. I guess Indy misses her too, and so is invading her space while she plays.

Tonight I played Rock Band for the first time! Seemed appropriate to upload this image for this particular days photo.

Friday night, we lit a fire in our fire pit out back, and made Ziploc baggie omelets for dinner.

I cleaned out my refrigerator this day! Yes, I expect to hear your applause!

Dan is such a nice boy, sharing his toys! These are the one's he placed on Kacie's bed one night before bed.

One of Pookies last days in our house. Kacie took her to hide in her room. She had fun playing in the laundry Kacie was trying to fold.

I was walking down the hall and glanced in to Jim's den. This is what I saw. An assembly of dinosaurs awaiting his return from work.

It's Kacie faces 15th birthday! I love you Bunky!

Sarah and the RM she has been dating. He survived dinner at the Jones home! More importantly, he actually survived "THE THIRD DEGREE" forced upon him by Jim. I think we should have a shirt made up for him!

We had a Ward party. Not sure if Kacie is just tired, or really bored!

My awesome poster of movie lines, given to me by my beautiful daughters.
Yes they know their mother well!

Dan is a sword carrying firefighter.


Crissie said...

-I LURVE those birthday candles on Kacie's cake.
-You axpect to hear my about hearing me ask if you want to come and clean my fridge?
-A RM? Nice :)
-That Mormon prom pic...I know a way to have more light on their faces. Call me

Crissie said...

oops...I meant to write expect, not axpect. You'll have to forgive me. I was reading an email on Ebonics before I commented. LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow. I wouldn't have had to break up my picture viewing (for school schedules and grocery store) if you hadn't waited so long. But it's good to see you jumping back in there. -what was that new kitty's name???

Suzee said...

You must not of been paying attention. It says her name is Rosy. Seeing as we already had one named Red in the family this was a good runner up, especially since it is a Girl.