Monday, March 23, 2009

Pics 80-82

This is one of the worlds best kept secrets! A friend who works for an allergy doc clued me in to this one. If you go to the pharmacy at Fry's and tell them you want generic Zyrtec you can get 100 pills for only $6.19!

I cleaned out a drawer in my kitchen and found these stickers. I gave them to Dan. Upon entering my bathroom later I discovered what he did with his stickers.

Kacie and I are officially labeled amongst the weirdos of the world. We actually stayed up Friday night and went to Wal Mart to be in line with the rest of the freaks at midnight. Why? Well, for Edward of course! Took this picture after we got home sometime after 12:30 am Saturday morning. See how tired and icky we look. Oh, they handed out raffle tickets and Kacie was one of the winners. She got her very own Edward door hanger for her bedroom!


Crissie said...

Do you need a prescription for the Zyrtec? Cuz that's WAY cheap.

I wish I would have had a crazy someone to wait in line with at Wally World for my own copy of Twilight!

Suzee said...

Dang, I should have invited you out for a sleepover!
Girls night out at the Wal Mart!

Crissie said...

Uh oh! You are SO behind on this thing, too. Pictures, pictures, I want pictures!!