Friday, March 20, 2009

Another week

Friday night. The last real night of spring break. We took the kids to Castles and Coasters. Sam and Kacie had a great time racing each other. Sam is taking this very seriously.
Yeah! My first show at Gammage this year. RENT! It was fabulous! Imagine, theater 2 nights in a row! I'm in heaven.

We took Sam and Kacie to see Guys And Dolls at the Arizona Broadway Theater. I love, love, love this show. This was the spring musical we did my senior year of high school. It's somewhat bittersweet to see again. The part of Adelaide was supposed to be mine! My theater teacher gave it to a junior girl because her mom had died that summer and "she really needs this".

It's Kacie Face. I was missing an actual picture for this particular day, and so stole one from another day. Kacie did get a pedicure this day, so it's only appropriate to use her picture.

Today Dan and I created concrete art together.

A day of artistic endeavors by Dan.

Stupid cats! No matter how many times you yell or push them off the counter they just refuse to believe that you really don't want them up there!

Went and did my visiting teaching today. This fun and exciting yard full of sculpture now resides across the street from one of the ladies that I visit.

Ok, so this may seem like a strange one to include in my project, but this is what I did this day. I spent the day at church setting up for and serving a lunch at the funeral of Bro. Judd. I kind, older gentleman from my ward.

This is the first track meet of Kacie's that I made it to. The real first one was too far away. She is throwing shot and discus.

I went to Sarah's apartment to hang the curtains I made for her bedroom. Lets be real here, I actually only made a valance. The panels are just twin sheets from Wally world. $3 apiece. Gotta love Wal Mart!

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Crissie said...

OK, so I see the two cats on your these cats get along? Cuz I just gotta say, that motley thing I brought home is a meany...sorry Kacie.