Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Slacker! or Dang I don't even know what picture # I'm supposed to be on!

Jim saw this owl with her babies while hiking one morning, so went back a few days later with the camera to try and get a picture before they leave the nest. Momma was guarding them pretty well, even from nosy hikers with cameras! To bad! Wish I had seen them.
First coat of stain, check!

I decided to refinish my nail table while I had a chunk of days with no clients.

Homemade strawberry freezer jam! Made by Suzee! Yumm!!!

Kendra's answer to the invitation came attached to a bag of nutter butter cookies.

Sam came up with this fun idea to invite a girl to prom. I helped him make the poster. He said it was obvious that his mom had helped make it because of the stickers of the top hats, roses and bow tie.

All dressed up for Easter Sunday, and it's tradition for mom to take a picture of the kids all together. This was after church, and Dan wouldn't put down the donut to go take a picture, so we had to take it in the kitchen. This is Indy's first time to be in the family Easter picture.

Coloring the Easter eggs.

Ahh! My little artist does it again. Preschool art project. I saw all the other children carrying out their plates of marshmallows and toothpicks. Most were houses. Only Dan's plate contained a titled piece of art. "The Pointy Prickles" by Dan

Beautiful Arizona sunrise shot by Jim. Because I don't get up this early!

Hmm... standing beside the tomatoes with a salt shaker in one hand, a fork in the other, and chanting "grow grow grow" doesn't actually work.

Is it art? Please admire it!

This is beautiful pillow I made for the Queen Ann chair in my shop. Now if I could just get the chair done....

General Conference Sunday always means strawberry pancakes for breakfast! My little way of making it a special day for my kids. We all look forward to having this breakfast twice a year!

First Saturday in April. General conference time. My favorite!

While working on my art gallery, I sliced my finger open by sliding it along the edge of a piece of glass! Yikes! It actually really should have had stitches, but I was so not going there! Took this picture of my poor finger a week after I cut it. Picture doesn't do it justice.

New fringe for my lamp.

Framed and hung some of Dan's great art.

I painted my laundry room! Super cute, huh! Also made an adorable valance for in there!

The balloon valance I sewed for the window in my nail shop.

My little artist!

Some of the pillows I made for my living room sofas.

Jim snapped this picture of a quail on corner column of the back fence.

The real truth. Indy is still a bad boy and Rosie won't run from him.

In case you've ever wondered where a super hero hangs his cape when it's not in use!

Just a couple of stupid cats.


Crissie said...

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw that you'd updated this thing! Your nail table looks great. BTW: Do you just wake up every day and make stuff? Cuz, Damn!

Suzee said...

Ya, but usually I just make messes. lol